Saturday, August 1, 2009

Children's museum & Greek Food....

Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum in Downtown Houston. It was recently remodeled and it's AMAZING! We had a great time and so did the girls...

Here is briley standing by the height Scale for average kids.... She is 3, apparently she is as tall as your average 5 year old :)

Briley wanted to climb the rock wall and Daddy Said "No way, you're too little you can't do that!" She looked at him with a ton of determination and Said " I Can too! I have to at least try everything once daddy!"

Well we ate our words because she is right we have taught her to try everything at least once... Foods, activities etc because how will you know if you like or can do it if you don't at least try!?!? So up she went and hopped on the wall like she had done it a million times! I was amazed at her strength!

This is the Power tower.... Its a HUGE tower of saucers all stacker in different directions for the kids to climb on 35 ft in the air. Freaked me out.

This is what the Power tower looks like from the ground up. Freaky.
They also have a village there called Kidtropolis. It is a town with Money and jobs and the kids are assigned jobs and help run the town. Briley was the manager of HEB.

Here she is restocking the shelves...

Next we visited the Tot Spot and Let KK crawl around and explore...

This is a giant Light bright! Kayelyn LOVED it!

I painted Briley's Face like a kitty cat per her request at the face painting station...

These mirrors are so cool.... Kayelyn couldn't figure out which one was really her!


Outside they have water fun.... Briley loved that as well...

After the Museum we went to our favorite place, NIKO NIKO.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The diet went out the window for an hour or so but it was so worth it!

Taboule, Hummus and Pita Bread.... Yummm..

and who eats Greek without getting Baklava???

Gyro and Homemade Fries!

Briley Loved her Gyro!!

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