Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love Sunday

I love Sundays for So many reasons. Sunday is a GREAT day.
Every Sunday I get up and make my family breakfast and we go to church. I love our church. The Music, the people, the preaching.... its SO wonderful. It leaves me feeling happy and hopeful and faithful for the entire week.
I LOVE getting my girls dressed up for church. I try to dress them the same or coordinating every Sunday.... Today, they looked REALLY cute!
Tonight I decided to do something special for Briley. I made her a root beer float. (No Caffeine of course) She was a good girl ALL weekend and I promised her a surprise! I have been trying to random fun things like this for her.... since Daddy is gone, to try and make life fun.... I think she appreciates it!

We have a BUSY week AHEAD and Daddy comes home!!!


  1. They ARE so adorable! I love getting my girls all dressed up too.

    Here's to a great week! And for Thursday to come fast for you!! :)

  2. those dresses and bows are precious!