Friday, August 21, 2009

Show Us your Life: Baby Showers

Every Week, Kelly Hosts a "SHOW US YOUR LIFE"Series... This week in baby showers so I thought I would jump in!
I had the BEST shower in the entire world when I was Pregnant with my second daughter Kayelyn.... My sister and my mom flew down from Colorado and threw me an amazing shower at Sugar Babies Cupcake Boutique near downtown Houston. This place is to die for and their cupcakes are WONDERFUL!!!
I had been on bed rest for two months, so getting out of the house for this event was the happiest day I could have asked for! ALL my closest friends and family came and it was truly a very special day. One of my best friends, Karen was Pregnant with her son at the same time as me.... We had fun comparing bellies :)

Here is Sweet Briley at her Sister's Shower

WHOA- we were BIG!

My Bestie, Sweet Alice and her sister drove all the way from Austin for my day!

My mother in law, Teresa, and sister in law, LALA

Besties Sara and Shasta



DOUBLE YUM! Seconds Please!

I love my mommy

and my sissy

WOW. That is HUGE :)

Inside Sugar babies....


  1. That place looks ADORABLE! What a great place for a shower!!!

  2. Thnx for sharing! Wish I'd known you then.