Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am back and ready!! Every week Amber Hosts EM:ME, a group dedicated to making ourselves over and making ourselves better, and realizing we are worth t he extra effort!
SO yes, I know.... I skipped a week.... I skipped for two reasons:
#1: I hit my first plateau and didn't lose last week and I didn't feel like writing about that.
#2: I have been crazy busy and simply didn't have time!
So not too much to report this week.... I lost another Pound, so I am at:
10 LBS in about 4.5 weeks.....
Eh... it's OK I guess. I dream big and was hoping it would be more by now. I am a bit discouraged because I FEEL different, but I guess I don't look it. NO ONE has noticed. Sad sad sad. I have had to ASK everyone. "hey can you tell I have lost 10 lbs!?!?" I then get the "EYE" up and down and a "OH! Yeah! Now I can"
MMMMM Hmmm. Sure.
I guess I will keep plugging away. Maybe someone will notice someday soon :)
Until then, I will keep eating Chicken, and salad, and hummus... :)
I will say this. On Monday I Splurged on Pizza and Crazy bread. I felt sick as a dog after eating it. Heart burn, upset stomach, indigestion... (I sound like a pepto commercial) HA! I won't do that again!!
I have had trouble keeping up with my fluid intake.... I keep slacking on that and then I feel icky. I am still trying to work out a "new normal" balance and maintain life as usual being alone.... It's tough!!! Wish me luck!
See ya next week! I hope I have better news!


  1. I think 10 pounds in 4 weeks is awesome!! I haven't lost that much in 6 weeks. I gotta step up my game. I need to incorporate more exercise.

    I do know how you feel about people not noticing. But I do believe all of a sudden everyone will notice. You'll just hit that point where it starts melting off. I loved that about WW in the past. Of course I was doing Tae Bo all the time too. Hmmm... :)

  2. You DO know they only recommend 2 lbs a week right? You're already ahead!! I'm way impressed. And because I don't see you every day, I know I will be able to tell next time we meet up. :)