Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Day Re-Cap

Where do I start?? We had a FABULOUS Turkey day.... We started out in the morning watching the parade.... Briley FLIPPED out over the giant Dora & Hello Kitty.... Then we all took naps- I haven't done that in forever!!! How nice to actually RELAX!! After our naps we headed over to my In-laws house for dinner. They had two turkeys-- a traditional turkey and a fried turkey.... Both were fabulous. We all of course, ate too much and then sat around feeling miserable and fat... Then it was craft time.... we diped the girls' hands and feet in paint to create a moose shirt out of their hand prints and footprints..... They turned out so cute!!
Friday of course was black friday and thats a whole other blog entry :)
Saturday I started my new part time job and had a blast... I have an interview Tuesday. Stay tuned....
Daddy and Olive being goofy

Trav fried a turkey this year for fun... It was really good!



You MUST Floss after each meal!!

Bear Reading to Olive

Smiley Girl!

Looks like Jen ate too much turkey.. Oh wait- That's Madi in there!!

Painting Haylee's Foot

Jen & Haylee


Briley's Handprints

Mommy? What are they doing to my foot??

Olive's Handprints

The Beginnings of a MOOSE Shirt

Daddy doing the flying saucer

Lala and her nieces

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sleep Study or Terrorist Training camp??

Ever wonder goes on during a sleep study. Last night Nathan was lucky enough to get to go to one.... He took some pictures for our viewing pleasure. In the room-- which looked a lot like a hotel room, he had a Tempurpedic mattress and Tempurpedic pillows... he had a huge plasma TV with HDTV,,, he called me saying "Missy- this is cool like my own mini vacation" Then the fun part. They wired him for 220- he even had wires coming out of his NOSE....He had a power pack strapped to him and quite honestly he then looked like he was part of an Iraq car bomb plot rather than a sleep study....How can ANYONE sleep under THESE conditions. No wonder everyone never passes a sleep study test...

The Room .....

The Fancy TV....

The monitor.....Then....

That looks lovely...

What do you do if y ou have hair??

Does he not look like he is ready to blow something up LOL!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


We call "B"riley & "K"ayelyn's Room the BK lounge for obvious reasons. :) We had a home depot gift card so we put it to good use--This weekend we painted green polka dots with the pink and added a framed in area for their names.... I also added a cute sign next to their names.... I let briley choose hers and she chose "Drama Queen" She said "I am the Drama queen and Olive is the glam-riss one"

The Baby Food Chronicles: Squash

So we started Kayelyn on Solids this weekend. We started her a week earlier than we had planned because she was acting so hungry in between feedings and had increased her bottle and that still wasn't helping. She did very well with the Squash.
She was a mess, but she was a CUTE mess!

Sunday, November 23, 2008



Aaron pulled off a GREAT Surprise party for Shasta this past weekend. She had NO IDEA and was shocked. He held it at the Relay Station in Plantersville. Behind the Relay Station they have a private party room. It is so cool. It has central heating and air, but has an outhouse and a dirt floor. The Seats are Giant Pieces of Tree trunk wrapped in leather. So cool.... He had them make an entire meal in dutch ovens on a campfire. It was so fun, and so great to see Shasta so surprised and so happy. She was upset all day thinking we had all forgotten her on her bday weekend since we were avoiding her phone calls.... In reality we were there waiting for her!!!

The centerpieces

First Shocked....

Then In tears....

30 is the new 20

Cowgirl Olive

Shasta and Mandy & Kim- the Kansas Girls

Mommy's Cowgirl

CampFire for the Dutch Oven Cuisine

The Food all made in a dutch oven on a camp fire-- FREAKIN YUMMY!

Shasta and Aaron. He pulled off such a fantastic party.... I am so proud of him!

Shasta and Olive

Waaahoooo!! I'm 30!!!

Shasta's Pimp Glasses

The Appetizer table

The Cake with Kansas Sunflowers

OutHouse- Yes.... an OutHouse

Butter Shots

The Girls

Shasta Dancing with Bear

Shasta and Bear