Friday, July 31, 2009


I don't usually use my blog as a place for political venting, but this has gone too far.
I am sorry if your are offended, but this IS my blog and I have a lot to say....

And so it was, the Beer Summit, on the thirtieth day of July, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine.......

This had to be one of the lamest events in American history.

It was reported : "In an "attempt" to calm racial tensions, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden threw back beers with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the man who arrested him, Police Sergeant James Crowley -- near the Oval Office."

CALM THEM? Yes, nothing says calm like getting drunk in a suit with a bunch of politicians....

IT looks more like an episode of PUNK'D, I keep expecting to see ashton kutcher jump in making fun of everyone....

The Beers of Choice:

Obama -- Bud Light

Biden -- Bucklers

Gates -- Sam Adams Light

Crowley -- Blue Moon

Silver bowls for the Pretzels/peanuts?? What are we going for here?? Did Martha Stewart do the decorating?? I'll remember this next time I have a party...

And the suits?? If your going to get together to rub elbows over beer and pretzels, casual is the name of the game. This was just another opportunity for a lame photo opp. IT's all about the photo opps with him. A celebrity game and making headlines....
My kids will be reading about this in the history books someday. It embarrasses me and infuriates me.

If you didn't think Obama was a clown yet, you should now....

Talk about Awkward weird and totally unprofessional. Way to LEAD and set an example.
{Ya see kids.... When you have a problem with someone dress up really nice and throw back some beers.... That will make it all better}

He should have kept his nose out of the issue in the first place, this was a local issue, he MADE it into a racial, national issue.... Amazingly enough during the election he avoided topics on race. Now he is discussing them publicly over a beer.

I shouldn't be surprised, he sticks his nose in everything.... OH! WAIT! YESSS!!! That's exactly what socialism is... government sticks its nose in everything.... The road we are headed down. It makes perfect sense now.

Perhaps Mr. Harvard Prof should have entered his home correctly in the first place. I have been locked out several times. I have never entered by force. Handle the problem like the calm rational professional that you are, and this never would have been an issue to start with :)


  1. Glad to find at least one other person that isn't in love with Obama and his rhetoric. But rest assured, we probably have 7.5 more years of him :(

  2. Love the last photo! So true.

  3. I'm not in love with the guy, but working on a problem over a beer is not new. Do you know how many deals have been made, pacts created, agreements done, over a meal, a drink, or a snack? It's not that unusual, and judging his work, 6 months into his administration, based on this gathering is not entirely fair.

    And, did you expect The White House to have plastic Tupperware containers for the snacks? C'mon, it's The White House! Everything in there is made from some sort of precious metal!

    What is more important to mention here is that Obama should never had said anything in the first place. That was a huge mistake. I remember sitting in my living room and thinking "Damn, THAT was stupid!" If he continues to do things like THAT...well, let's just say even *I* would not have said that.

    I'm not disagreeing that perhaps Obama was a mistake. There are plenty of people out there that think Bush 43 was a mistake. But I think 6 months is too little to judge.