Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesdays

Every week Lerin hosts a post about your TINY TREASURES.... I love it because it gives me the opportunity to rant and rave about my two favorite people. KK & BEAR.
KK is growing SO fast. She is very independent, esp when it comes to Eating. She doesn't want help and if it comes off a spoon held by anyone but her, forget it. She will not eat it. She makes every attempt to feed herself which is always a messy endeavor.

Kayelyn no points at things and says "Was Dat???"
She wants to talk SO bad and understand EVERYTHING you say. As I mentioned before she minds VERY well. She just can't figure out how to talk yet and it makes her furious!!!


My BIG girl is just that. BIG. Now every morning she gets herself dressed and makes her bed. Its different everyday... but she always makes her bed with her "people" tucked snuggly into the covers. Its SO cute!

Briley LOVES to come crawl in my bed and snuggle with me and the dogs. I love it. She is only going to be little once.... I cherish the times she wants to cuddle and snuggle and hang out with me. It won't be that way someday when mom is not COOL :)

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