Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesdays....

Every Week Lerin Hosts a Blog post about Tiny Treasures.... the special little people in your life.... When was the last time your wrote about yours??


Kayelyn is getting to be very mobile.... She can go up the stairs and walk about 5-6 steps before she sits down. She is also babbling a lot more.... "Bri-Bear" "Bri-Bri" "MAMA, DADA, DOGDOG. DUCK-DUCK" She is such a sweet and loving child. She also minds incredibly well. If I tell her no or ask her to come here she ALWAYS does!

This week I got the girls pizza.... Kayelyn wasn't that impressed, she was actually bored!

Kayelyn LOVES The playroom. Every time we walk by it, she starts reaching for it, saying "uh, uh, uh! Dat!"

While Daddy was home he put new curtains in both of the girls rooms.... KK loves hers. They make her room nice and cool and dark when closed. She grabs her silky and snuggles up to go to sleep!


Daddy Gave Briley a Pink Hardhat..... For those of you who don't know, Daddy is a Safety Manager for a construction company. Briley adores daddy, so now that she has a pink hard hat, she is just beside herself!

Here are Briley's Curtains.....
My BIG girl is really starting to show this week. Every night she asks to do the dishes and every night she sits at the sink on her step stool and scrubs and rinses the dishes from dinner. She actually cries if I tell her no!! I should cherish this. Someday she will be crying because she hates the dishes!

My little girl is growing so FAST!!! It kills me! The past two mornings she has gotten herself up out of bed, gotten dressed and come downstairs with a matching hair bow in hand. I cannot believe how smart she is!

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  1. I love how Kayelyn minds! Let's hope it lasts! And that bored facial expression is SO cute and funny.

    Also... I love your house. LOVE it. I am a terrible decorator. I need some of your magic over here.