Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing Catch-Up . . .

I missed a whole week of blogging a couple of weeks ago because we were all sick at home with the Swine Flu.....

This post is gonna be a catch-up post....
Last week we went over to Natalie's house to hang out for awhile and go out to eat. We had so much fun. We sat at Jason's Deli talking for a couple of hours and then hung out at her house and let the girls play. Natalie has ferrets and Briley LOVED them. She was carrying them around. She has been begging me for a ferret ever since.

Natalie painted this AMAZING picture for us in exchange for hairbows for Juney and I am SO excited!!! Isn't it gorgeous!

A couple of weeks ago we went to a Hibachi grill after church for my Mother and Father in law's anniversary.......

The Chef was throwing food for us to catch in our mouths.... Here is Lauren's Action shot.
You go Girl....

I love this picture. It makes me laugh everytime I look at it....
I am not sure how this transpired :)

(I meant to dedicate a post to you the day of, but we were at the urgent care)

We came down with the flu right after we left the Hibachi happened to be the week of Briley's 4th Birthday. Her actual Bday was on Oct 14th and we were all pretty sick at that point. I did want to make it special for her so we ordered Pizza and she got to wear her ADORABLE shirt that Aunt Bean sent (Thank you Bean) and she and KK Played with crazy sunglasses and had fun...

All in all, we were very lucky. The swine flu came and went in about 7 days and everyone is better!!! The doc gave us all TAMIFLU so that helped a ton.

I am glad it is over with and we are on the mend.... :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Punkins At The Punkin Patch

We took the girls to visit the Pumpkin patch and as usual it was a hit!
They LOVE looking at and picking up all the pumpkins and I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting them all dressed up in their Halloween Outfits! This is my favorite time of year! Nothing beats the Pumpkin Patch! :)

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Briley's 4th Birthday

Briley Had a very eventful 4th Birthday..... She had an Halloween themed party and EVERYONE dressed up! Even Adults! It was SO much fun!!!!
Daddy Was a 70's Guy....
Here is the yummy goodies table!
Grandmama was a Spider Lady and KK was a lady bug!
Lauren was The American Dream Super Hero and Cody was a transformer!

Aunt Jen was a Witch and Madi was a Leopard!
Haylee was Abby Kadabby and Travis was Nathan :)
Nan was a red Hat lady!
and MeMaw and an indian :)
Meg was a bad witch....
and the Birthday Girl was a butterfly!

The Kids Painted Pumpkins

Ella was Rockin her Halloween Dress!
And Jen took a minute to Sport Nathan's Fro :)
Next We bobbed for Apples and the kids LOVED IT!

Then we broke a pinata and there was Candy EVERYWHERE!!!
Yummy Cupcakes!


KK says it's YUMMY!
Baby Ella lost her dress so she could enjoy a cupcake!

Seeing Double???
All in All it was a GREAT party! We had so much fun and I cannot believe our little girl is FOUR! We love you Briley!