Monday, August 17, 2009

Daddy comes home!!

Daddy got to come home for a short visit this weekend but it was SO good to see him!!! We had so much fun just hanging out and being with him!! Life is so boring without him around...

I caught his arrival on video.... and while dark out, Briley's excitement to see her daddy was very obvious!!! She wanted to have a "slumber party" with mommy and daddy....


So that's what we did!

Here is another video clip from this weekend... random, but cute. We won't see daddy for at least another two weeks.... While we are all adjusting nicely, it is rough. Effective September, I will be working 2 less days at the hospital to make more time for my kiddos. I will be helping out at Briley's Preschool in an effort to make this transition easier for her, and to spend more time with her....


Please continue to pray for our little family as we adjust to this new "normal" :)

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