Thursday, August 6, 2009

What have we been up to???

Lets start off with the bad news.... I fell in my garage and busted my knee and face and look like I have been in a fist fight...... Good times.

Last weekend we Celebrated LALA's 23rd bday with burgers, cake and home videos from YEARS ago.... What fun!

Lauren's New belt and boots!!
T & Bugg hanging out at LALA's BDAY


For all who were ever curious..... this is what Nathan looked like when I met him in 6th grade. This is a video of him when he was 11 years old. Is he not the cutest thing ever??

In other news....
Zoey and Sully miss their Daddy!

And Briley LOVES hummus!!!
Here is a countdown till daddy comes home calendar for Briley.... every day we mark a day off!
Our neighbors gave us a roll top desk and I love it..... Its still getting organized but you get the idea...

Today we went to our Bestie's House, Sara, Corby and Claire-B and had a playdate. Corbs buried Briley in pillows. All you can see is her feet!

The kids played and played....

All in all We are keeping REALLY busy and passing the time quickly till our dadd-o returns. :)

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