Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday....

Kayelyn has Exciting news! She is taking her first steps..... So far she has managed to take about 6 steps before she hits the floor.... Daddy Was worried that he would miss her first steps being that he is gone, but he didn't!

Kayleyn LOVES Gerber PUFFS, I think she could live on them. Kayelyn LOVES to EAT. and she loves her high chair. She could sit in it most of the day, as long as she has a good view of the activity around her....

Kayelyn and her cousin Madi are about 6 months apart, as they both grow, they are getting closer and closer and are starting to team up.... It's going to be a battle of the big kids against the little kids in a couple months...

We took the girls to the Children's museum last weekend.... Here is what Briley had to say about that....

Here is the second set of older cousins.... Can you spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E??

Tonight Grandmama brought us Chick-Fila..... You can see, Briley was THRILLED!
This is her favorite.... she would eat it every day if I would let her...

She also has a new found love for HUMMUS! Yes! HUMMUS!!! That's my girl! Not picky at all!

Here is a special Shout out to Daddy! WE MISS YOU!

Thank you Lerin for Hosting This every Week!


  1. Kayelyn... what a BIG girl! :) And I love Briley's facial expression pulling out the CFA toys. How fun that they both have cousins so close in age.

    I love the videos!