Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesdays

Every week Lerin hosts a post about your TINY TREASURES.... I love it because it gives me the opportunity to rant and rave about my two favorite people. KK & BEAR.
KK is growing SO fast. She is very independent, esp when it comes to Eating. She doesn't want help and if it comes off a spoon held by anyone but her, forget it. She will not eat it. She makes every attempt to feed herself which is always a messy endeavor.

Kayelyn no points at things and says "Was Dat???"
She wants to talk SO bad and understand EVERYTHING you say. As I mentioned before she minds VERY well. She just can't figure out how to talk yet and it makes her furious!!!


My BIG girl is just that. BIG. Now every morning she gets herself dressed and makes her bed. Its different everyday... but she always makes her bed with her "people" tucked snuggly into the covers. Its SO cute!

Briley LOVES to come crawl in my bed and snuggle with me and the dogs. I love it. She is only going to be little once.... I cherish the times she wants to cuddle and snuggle and hang out with me. It won't be that way someday when mom is not COOL :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love Sunday

I love Sundays for So many reasons. Sunday is a GREAT day.
Every Sunday I get up and make my family breakfast and we go to church. I love our church. The Music, the people, the preaching.... its SO wonderful. It leaves me feeling happy and hopeful and faithful for the entire week.
I LOVE getting my girls dressed up for church. I try to dress them the same or coordinating every Sunday.... Today, they looked REALLY cute!
Tonight I decided to do something special for Briley. I made her a root beer float. (No Caffeine of course) She was a good girl ALL weekend and I promised her a surprise! I have been trying to random fun things like this for her.... since Daddy is gone, to try and make life fun.... I think she appreciates it!

We have a BUSY week AHEAD and Daddy comes home!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hanging out with Aunt "ISSY"

Yesterday after I got off work, I was entrusted with all four kiddos so our Mother in Law could go to the Beach House..... We had fun playing in the play room all afternoon waiting on Aunt Jen....
Everyone was so good!!

You can Tell the Big ones were way more excited about the picture than the little ones were...
Haylee-Bug was riding the zebra singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog song....

Briley and Haylee had a dinner party....

The two little monkeys crawled around all over the place

Haylee "cheesin" it up.

The big girls better be weary... These two are mobile and are plotting to rise up against them....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Show Us your Life: Baby Showers

Every Week, Kelly Hosts a "SHOW US YOUR LIFE"Series... This week in baby showers so I thought I would jump in!
I had the BEST shower in the entire world when I was Pregnant with my second daughter Kayelyn.... My sister and my mom flew down from Colorado and threw me an amazing shower at Sugar Babies Cupcake Boutique near downtown Houston. This place is to die for and their cupcakes are WONDERFUL!!!
I had been on bed rest for two months, so getting out of the house for this event was the happiest day I could have asked for! ALL my closest friends and family came and it was truly a very special day. One of my best friends, Karen was Pregnant with her son at the same time as me.... We had fun comparing bellies :)

Here is Sweet Briley at her Sister's Shower

WHOA- we were BIG!

My Bestie, Sweet Alice and her sister drove all the way from Austin for my day!

My mother in law, Teresa, and sister in law, LALA

Besties Sara and Shasta



DOUBLE YUM! Seconds Please!

I love my mommy

and my sissy

WOW. That is HUGE :)

Inside Sugar babies....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Minnie Pause & The Hot Flashes!


Tonight was a super cool night. A wonderful family friend volunteered to watch my girls for a few hours and I could go to 'girls night out' at church.

Started out by meeting my mother in law for some Fajitas which ROCKED. I haven't been doing a whole lot of cooking lately. Mostly, Salads, sandwiches and precooked frozen grilled chicken.... Having piping hot fajitas was AWESOME!!!

After dinner we went to a play at Church called "Minnie Pause & The Hot Flashes"

Minnie Pause and The Hot Flashes is a group of women who come together to sing and laugh at the experiences of being a woman and dealing with life's ups and downs by trusting in God....

I haven't laughed so hard in a LONG time. It was awesome. They are simply hilarious and it was so refreshing and such a joy to be there tonight!

Here is a short preview of what we saw tonight...

Thanks again to everyone who helped me get a night out tonight! MAMA needed it :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am back and ready!! Every week Amber Hosts EM:ME, a group dedicated to making ourselves over and making ourselves better, and realizing we are worth t he extra effort!
SO yes, I know.... I skipped a week.... I skipped for two reasons:
#1: I hit my first plateau and didn't lose last week and I didn't feel like writing about that.
#2: I have been crazy busy and simply didn't have time!
So not too much to report this week.... I lost another Pound, so I am at:
10 LBS in about 4.5 weeks.....
Eh... it's OK I guess. I dream big and was hoping it would be more by now. I am a bit discouraged because I FEEL different, but I guess I don't look it. NO ONE has noticed. Sad sad sad. I have had to ASK everyone. "hey can you tell I have lost 10 lbs!?!?" I then get the "EYE" up and down and a "OH! Yeah! Now I can"
MMMMM Hmmm. Sure.
I guess I will keep plugging away. Maybe someone will notice someday soon :)
Until then, I will keep eating Chicken, and salad, and hummus... :)
I will say this. On Monday I Splurged on Pizza and Crazy bread. I felt sick as a dog after eating it. Heart burn, upset stomach, indigestion... (I sound like a pepto commercial) HA! I won't do that again!!
I have had trouble keeping up with my fluid intake.... I keep slacking on that and then I feel icky. I am still trying to work out a "new normal" balance and maintain life as usual being alone.... It's tough!!! Wish me luck!
See ya next week! I hope I have better news!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesdays....

Every Week Lerin Hosts a Blog post about Tiny Treasures.... the special little people in your life.... When was the last time your wrote about yours??


Kayelyn is getting to be very mobile.... She can go up the stairs and walk about 5-6 steps before she sits down. She is also babbling a lot more.... "Bri-Bear" "Bri-Bri" "MAMA, DADA, DOGDOG. DUCK-DUCK" She is such a sweet and loving child. She also minds incredibly well. If I tell her no or ask her to come here she ALWAYS does!

This week I got the girls pizza.... Kayelyn wasn't that impressed, she was actually bored!

Kayelyn LOVES The playroom. Every time we walk by it, she starts reaching for it, saying "uh, uh, uh! Dat!"

While Daddy was home he put new curtains in both of the girls rooms.... KK loves hers. They make her room nice and cool and dark when closed. She grabs her silky and snuggles up to go to sleep!


Daddy Gave Briley a Pink Hardhat..... For those of you who don't know, Daddy is a Safety Manager for a construction company. Briley adores daddy, so now that she has a pink hard hat, she is just beside herself!

Here are Briley's Curtains.....
My BIG girl is really starting to show this week. Every night she asks to do the dishes and every night she sits at the sink on her step stool and scrubs and rinses the dishes from dinner. She actually cries if I tell her no!! I should cherish this. Someday she will be crying because she hates the dishes!

My little girl is growing so FAST!!! It kills me! The past two mornings she has gotten herself up out of bed, gotten dressed and come downstairs with a matching hair bow in hand. I cannot believe how smart she is!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Daddy comes home!!

Daddy got to come home for a short visit this weekend but it was SO good to see him!!! We had so much fun just hanging out and being with him!! Life is so boring without him around...

I caught his arrival on video.... and while dark out, Briley's excitement to see her daddy was very obvious!!! She wanted to have a "slumber party" with mommy and daddy....

So that's what we did!

Here is another video clip from this weekend... random, but cute. We won't see daddy for at least another two weeks.... While we are all adjusting nicely, it is rough. Effective September, I will be working 2 less days at the hospital to make more time for my kiddos. I will be helping out at Briley's Preschool in an effort to make this transition easier for her, and to spend more time with her....

Please continue to pray for our little family as we adjust to this new "normal" :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Staying Busy....

I have been neglecting my blog.... Trying to stay busy and pass the time. It's tough with Hubby being gone!!! I am trying to do the things I love.... Indulging in bow making time with friends and for friends.....

And trying to keep up with my girls who have more energy than a nuclear power plant :)
As you can See Kayelyn has conquered the stairs.... It makes me glad I have baby gates!

I am not sure what I would do without my beloved playroom...
We have every toy imaginable up there and everything is safe and baby proof..... We have a huge denim sofa up there and I can just sit there and play with my girls for hours on end. I love it and so do they!

We did have a visit from daddy this past weekend.... Stay tuned for a pretty cute blog update tomorrow!