Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nick and Katy's Engagement Party!

Nick is Brandon (My brother in law's) Brother....Nick and Katy Celebrated their Engagement on December 28th at Johnny's. It was a great Party and everyone as a lot of fun. They are getting married on July 17th 2009. Briley is their flower girl .... She is already practicing.

The Happy Couple

Becky & Brandon

Mom & Ellen

A Celebratory Drink!

Moose Shirts Part II

Here are the Christmas Pictures of the girls in their moose shirts !!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day at the Brewers!

We spent Christmas Day at the Brewer's House. As always, it was really fun to see everyone and the food was wonderful! Here are some pics from the day's events....
Looking in their stockings again!

Awwww sisters ....

They look so cute all dressed up!


I REALLLLLY hate being dressed up!

Presents and Grandmama's house!

Jennifer and Olive

Aunt Diane and the Bug

Grandmama & T

This is Grandmama trying to pressure everyone into eating a nasty fruitcake with her.- She only got one taker :)

Grandmama's Martha Stewart Creation.... Cranberry-Mint Water

Lala and Kathy

Miss Emma

The Kiddos

Olive opening her gifts!! This made Nathan and I both get tears in our eyes... Seeing her open gifts, we realized again how very lucky we are to have her in our lives!!!

Grandmama LOVED her purple Oakleys!

Christmas Present Chaos

Briley coming out to see her Christmas Present!


Big girl cruisin in her jeep

Haylee's Turn to Drive!

When we got home, Briley played with her "watch me dance" camera all night.... she can watch herself on TV

Christmas Morning!

Christmas Morning was so fun this year. This was the first year Briley really got the whole concept and was so excited to see what Santa Brought her. MeMaw, Grandpapa Uncle B and Aunt Bean were there to open presents with us! It was so fun!!
Briley getting to see her santa gifts for the first time!


Opening her Stocking

MeMaw and Olive

Aunt Beans

MeMaw opening her stocking

I think the umbrella in her stocking was her most favorite gift of all!

Uncle B was Brileys First pick for toy assembly! Thanks B!

MeMaw opening her gifts

Mommy & Daddy bought Olive her first cabbage patch doll and she loved it!
Briley wearing her Santa's Helper outfit!

Olive in the hat!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Recap...

Here is the first round of Holiday photos from Christmas Eve. We had Christmas Eve Dinner at our house with my Parents, and the Albanos... We all had a great time!!

Uncle B

Olive & Bean

The girls, all ready for Santa to come!

Drool much??

Olive in her Jammies

Ellie-Bubbie, B, Bean, & Olive

B, Bean, & Olive

Mom & Bean

Me & Mom

Mom having some wine :)

Daddy Tracking Santa's Location on NORAD

Making Cookies for Santa with Aunt Bean
Christmas Cookies

Sully Dog in front of the Tree

Olive Lovin' on Uncle B

This is what it looked like after Santa Came....

Random pictures -
Just me playing with my New Toy, My Nikon D80 that my wonderful Hubby bought me....