Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Extreme Makeover ME Addition- Week TWO

OK it's that Time.... MY Week Two of EM:ME Hosted by {aeFilkins}. Here we are a group of women who decided it was time to get a grip and realize we are important.
I am TRYING! I really am!
This past week was VERY hard because I had TONS of company in town and all we do is EAT and EAT some more!!! I had a wedding, and a family BBQ, and a trip to Austin and lunch dates and dinner dates.... Oh geez it was scary. But Through it all, and yes I did eat a lot- I wasn't very careful (at least I am honest) :) BUT I still lost:

2 lbs. So there :)

It must have been the water- I drank a lot more.....I am on the hunt for the PERFECT water Bottle.... Leak proof, fun to drink out of etc.... Any Suggestions? I have a Metal on now and its ok I suppose.....

I am TRYING to work on my sleeping habits. I can't overcome this OCD thing about keeping my house spotless. Ever dish must be in the sink, every counter wiped, carpet vacuumed, toss pillows fluffed etc before I lay down for bed.... Combine that with my Internet Junkie habits of Facebook, Blogging and photo editing.... It's lethal.

I have good news & bad news.....

The Bad news is that hubby is going on an extended business trip and by extended I mean 43 weeks. He will be home intermittently but for the just of it he will be bye bye. This means no more second job!!! YAYAYAY!!!! The good news is, he told me I can get a gym membership so I can keep myself occupied. Back in the day, I used to out yoga everyone and I was the Spinning Class Queen. I plan to revisit those days here in the near future and I cannot wait!!!

I went Grocery shopping tonight and bought everything healthy!! Fiber bars, Yogurt, Salad stuff, Skinny COW ice cream. I am on a mission and I am excited!!

This week's topic is Weight Watchers.... I used to do weight watchers, but I found it expensive.

I am going to use EM:ME to hold me accountable, but I need more support! Last week I only got a handful of comments and over 100 hits, C'mon Y'all I need a CHEER SQUAD!!! LOL!!!

PS- I found a Scrumptious treat to Nosh on in the event of weakness...

They are Sara lee Cheesecake Bites! They are by no means low fat, but they are tiny and one or two completely satisfies the sweet tooth! You should Give it a Whirl!


  1. Great job on the 2 lbs.! You have such a great attitude - you're gonna do this, no sweat. Oh wait, I guess you'll have to sweat. I look forward to keeping up with you on your journey!

  2. I skipped my weigh in this week... I know it was bad, really bad. I did good for the first few days that my family was here... then it all went ridiculously bad with lots of eating out, pizza, etc. I don't want to know.

    BUT I am back on my plan and hope I see progress next week!

    I also think WW is too expensive... but Skinny Cow ice cream is yummy. :)

    Good luck with this week!

  3. Missy, you can do whatever you choose to do :)

    Things that I found along my weightloss journey that might help: Eating pizza or BBQ once in a while is ok, but it should be in small portions, you will lose and GAIN along your journey, which is completely normal, don't beat yourself up over a "bad" meal, if you have an off day, don't let it throw your entire week. I always give myself one "cheat day" a week to keep myself from feeling deprived. You're on a journey, and you're learning to change your lifestyle, not just lose a few pounds. Reward yourself for your victories and know that you are worth feeling good about :)

  4. Awesome on the weight loss..and even with company over!!! That is so great! Gym membership is great. I am sooo embarrassed to go to the gym UGH!

    You sound like you are encouraged and have a plan! :)