Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach House Trip 2009

We took a mini vacation to our family beach house this past week. nearly 5 blissful days with nothing to do But Eat and Swim and sleep and fish. It was lovely. The beach house is almost fully recovered from Hurricane Ike.... I will post some new pictures later so you can see it after the storm and now....

This time last year.... we were in the NICU with Kayelyn.... I can't believe it has been a year....

We had a blast with the girls at the beach. Briley loved it....

And so did Sully Dog. :)

Grandaddy Hung a swing on the porch for Briley to Play on.... You can see the remainder of one of the neighbor's houses in the background....

LALA took a nap with an aggie flag! WHOOP!

Both dogs had a blast playing in the water

Briley could have stayed there all day

We used to have neighbors here... The Hurricane knocked those houses down!

Grandaddy's new boat!

Briley loved the Red, white and blue chocolate strawberries!

Hey Hollywood!

We went fishing and caught a lot of fish. I decided to take some fun pictures of them :)

Here is the Gang. Cody lost his shirt after he fell over board, Lauren Lost her pants somewhere and I look like the croc hunter... LOL

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