Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday


Kayelyn is growing by leaps and bounds.... She now cruises around the furniture and can crawl at light speed. This is her favorite place. Her play yard. A big gated area I have set up with just her toys. She will sit in there for hours on end and play. She only wants out if she is hungry, sleepy or has a dirty diaper.

Kayelyn LOVES (and I mean that) Green beans... For the past two nights and dinner I have given her green beans on her tray and she DEVOURS them and signs for more and gets mad if I say no. SO, the past two nights, she has eaten and entire can of green beans. One each night. All by herself.

Kayelyn has also given up her bottle.... Dr Nelms said by 18 months, I worried it would be a war. She has done it by herself! Success!!!

Kayelyn says: "mama, dada, Bri-Bear, Dogdog, papa, KK"

She is Sleeping for at least 12 hours each night in her crib. She loves it there. When I put her to bed she about DIVES in :) The other day she slept in until 10:30 am!!!


Briley Loves her Daddy. She is and always has been a daddy's girl. The other night Daddy was telling me a story and there were a few parts that contained foul language. Daddy was spelling those parts. Briley said "You have a dirty mouth daddy" :) She is so smart.

Briley is an official escape artist. She has mastered the baby gates and baby proof door handle covers.... She now escapes out of her room and parades around the house if she wakes up before us. Like her sister, Briley likes to sleep so its not always that she comes in our room to wake us up, but the first time it happened I about jumped out of my skin!!

Briley is going to be flower girl in a wedding this weekend! She has an amazing dress! I cannot wait! She has been practicing throwing the flowers petals. I am sure it will be darling....

THANK YOU LERIN for hosting this! It is such a fun way to update everyone!!


  1. You're welcome! :) I love reading about your little girls. Remember when you thought Kayelyn would never get out of your bed? I'm glad EVERYONE is sleeping better now. And Briley is too smart for her own good, I think. ;)

  2. I love your tiny treasures! They are simply adorable!!!