Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

My Tiny Treasures


Kayelyn is SO close to walking. She can stand up unassisted and squat she takes one or two steps and she loses here balances and lands on her bottom!

Her little personality is starting to shine through, She laughs and laughs and giggles at everything.
She thinks Briley Hung the moon.

After her bath she gets SUPER hyper and wants to go go go. She has finally perfected the art of giving kisses. I had planned on putting a video up here but she puckers those little lips and makes an over exaggerated smooching sound. It is the cutest thing ever.


Poor Briley, she is not taking too kindly to her daddy going away to Louisiana. She gets really upset especially before bed and wants her daddy. I know it's an adjustment for her, She will be fine, I just hate to see her sad...

Briley LOVES PB&J. She is in this stage where she says she could eat it all the time and she does. Every meal. Apparently her daddy went through this stage as well.

Briley is already contemplating what she wants to be for Halloween. So far she has said she wants to be a donut, a butterfly, a ballerina, and a mermaid.

Briley is in Love with Aunt LALA's Boyfriend Cody.... When he is around, no one else exists and she shows off to get his attention :)

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