Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barnes "Family Reunion"

Last week, my WHOLE family came to visit us in TX..... We got to spend a good amount of time together and it's so cool because we rarely get time with My mom, dad, sister and myself in the same room.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
Aunt Bean Came with Uncle B and spent lots of time with the girls. They LOVE their Aunt and Uncle from CO and they are spoiled rotten by the time they leave.....

MeMaw and Grandpapa Also spoil these girls.... They Walked off the plane with a 2.5 lb bag of chocolate kisses for Briley. She thinks she has died and gone to heaven. I am in sugar rush hell ;) Thanks Mom and Dad :) j/k

On Sunday we drove to up to see my Grandpa Barnes. My grandpa is very very ill and I am so worried about him. He is fighting Alzheimer's, COPD, & Heart Disease. We went as a family to visit grandpa and let him see his great grandchildren and my dad again. I am very very fearful we will not have him around soon. He is declining quickly and is in the hospital as we speak.
PLEASE KEEP Grandpa and My dad and his sisters in your prayers. They are very worried about their dad.
Please pray to slow the disease in his body and pray that he will not be in pain.
Grandpa has always been a VERY smart man. The most troubling part of this is seeing his mental capacity slide so quickly. He is confused and disoriented and forgets the people that care about him the most.... All of my life Grandpa has been over powering, bossy, and downright mean at times.... I know this sounds harsh, but it was just his personality to be dominant..... But for every ounce of that there were equal parts of caring, witty sense of humor, and giving beyond comprehension. My sister and I grew up spending the summers at his lake house and if we wanted we got it. He made sure we were happy and entertained all the time.
To see a man so strong and smart and dominant decline to someone who cannot remember you and is having trouble taking one breath at a time was devastating for me. Sometimes life can be so cruel and things you take for granted vanish very quickly. I just want my grandpa to know I love him very much and I cherish the times I spent with him at his lakehouse growing up. If I could rewind and just go back to those days for one day I would feel better.
I made sure to capture him on film this past weekend. He was a good sport and went a long with it, bless his heart...

Grandpa has a cat he adopted years ago named Waddles, Ironically enough, the cat is one of the only things he can fully remember that he loves. Briley Just ADORED Waddles....

Please, if you can, Add grandpa into your prayers tonight. Please Pray he will be healed and if he can't be healed, please pray for his comfort and safety. Please pray that he will remember those that love him the most and let him feel joy and comfort in knowing that....

I am worried I am going to lose both of my grandfathers in one year. I am not ready to handle that.


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  2. We got the furniture at star on katy freeway. wE love it!! Glad you got to spend some time with your family...its always nice especially when you dont live close! I am with you on that one!!! Your grandpa will be in my thoughts and prayers!