Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

Every Week Lerin Hosts Tiny Treasures Tuesday and I Love it. It gives me a break and a reason to blog about my two favorite people. My babies. Usually I do blog about them, but I never just blog about them ONLY-- usually is involves some activity, not about their growth and the cute things they do....


Kayelyn is just an angel. This past week we have drug her from here to there and she never complained once. Her easy going attitude and ability to adjust makes her just a joy to be around. She LOVES her high chair. She will sit in it for hours, as long as she is in the midst of everything where she can see what is going on, she has a great time.

At times I wonder when she is going to start walking and talking. Briley was already doing that by now. Everything is happening about 2 months late with Kayelyn, because keep in mind she got a 2 month late start.... I am anxiously waiting. Dr Taylor said it's completely OK for this timeline because her start was different than everyone Else's. She has started to shake her head Yes, and No and refuses to let you feed her. If it's pickable-upable, forget it.

Kayelyn's Favorite Show is the Backyardigan's If that comes on, she squeals in joy and claps and bounces up and down. She loves the singing. Anytime she loves something she grins from ear to ear and claps. She is also getting a dimple in her cheek

Briley Grace

Briley is growing so quickly. At church everyone commented in the same day... I think Briley grew! I noticed as well. I think she grew during the night!

This past weekend Briley got a boat! A boat you say? Yes. A boat.... a very special boat. When my dad was a little boy he saved his money and bought a "Sport-Yak" a Small Plastic unsinkable boat with oars. He named it "Bay-Bay" after his Dog Babe... This weekend, my dad gave Briley his boat. He wants her to have it at the beach house. Its the perfect little boat to play in the shallow water... Anyway, she is thrilled and the thought of her boat has consumed her....

Briley also got a haircut this past weekend. Her first, mind you-- hair cut. Her hair is really long. We determined that she needed a trim after she was a flower girl- her hair was really damaged. My mom trimmed just about an inch off but it made me cry. I saved a Lock of her hair.....

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  1. Aw, they are both too precious! Kayelyn will get all of the milestones in her own time. And my girls never get their first haircut until they are 3 too! Of course, their hair just barely reaches their chin or shoulders by that time... bless my bald babies.