Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Homecoming KK! (One Year AGO!)

It's hard to believe that ONE year ago.... Marks the homecoming of our Sweet Kayelyn Olivia from the NICU..... after nearly two months of fighting for her life, we received the news she was home bound!! We were beyond thrilled! What a blessing!! What a Miracle!
This is the first time Briley got to meet/hold her baby sister....

We brought Briley home from the hospital in Aggie Clothes.... Kayelyn got the same thing!

This first video is us bring goofy with Kayelyn the bight before she came home...

We were filled with so much Joy!!!

This is the first time Briley got to Meet Kayelyn... It's kind of dark, because they had the NICU light dimmed for the babies, but you get the idea. :)

I look at Kayelyn now, and I truly cannot believe she/we endured all that we did. I am amazed at God's Grace and the miracle he gave us.

We are so blessed.

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