Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Extreme Make Over ! The Great Wednesday Week 2 Weigh in....

Thank you Amber, for Hosting This every week.
I truly feel inspired and I am getting results.... Let's get right to it.... This is my second week to weigh in and I lost :
3.5 lbs this week!!!

TOTAL LOSS SO FAR: 5.5 lbs. YAY!!!

This week I didn't eat ANY red meat. I ate chicken and turkey all week. I ate salads and tons of fruit and sweet potatoes. I also chugged Green Tea & Water like it was going out of style and started taking the Acai Berry Supplement..... I feel energized and happy! I can feel the results.
Examples of my meals....

My exercise is simple. I have been loading the kids up in the jogging stroller and walking 2 miles. That is a major feat in itself! They are heaving! I am getting an upper bosy workout as well!!
I try to go every day, but sometimes that doesn't work! :)

I am trying to determine if I should get a gym membership....
I am enjoying my time with the girls walking it's just SO hot!!!!

This week's Question:


I feel accomplished and I know I will have ups and downs, but this week was a good week and I am hoping to keep it up! I love the inspiration I am getting from everyone and the support I have as well!! Thanks for the comments! Please Leave me MORE!! :)


  1. WOW WOW WOW!! Great loss I am so happy for you. You are doing awesome keep up the great work. Thank you for joining on my blog and for your kind comment.
    I was told by a pro-figure trainer to use green tea extract. It will speed up metabolize and also give energy. I have noticed a difference. I got mine at Sprouts a health/grocery store here in Arizona. Just a tip from a pro his name is Tony DiCostanzo. He runs this group I just love all of his advice and someday soon I will be joining his team (this is my goal).
    Sorry about the novel here.
    I will be cheering you on. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. You're doing great on those meals... they sure look yummy. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work!:)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! Your meals look GORGEOUS and YUMMY! And already over 5lbs? You go, girl.