Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Party and Goggles....

Kayelyn LOVES accessories..... Shoes, Socks, Hairbows, jewelry, hats- her latest craze is goggles. She found these in the pool bag and has been obsessed with them ever since. She will literally wear them for hours until they fog up- like you see below. She is SO funny!

Briley and Haylee had their Valentine's party at school today..... I took some cute pics of them....
This is Briley with her friend Frida.

Briley made me a magnet- she was so proud to show it off!

They had ice cream sundaes which they LOVED!

Haylee's class had HUGE pink cupcakes.... Haylee loved the pink icing!
We made little heart shaped pizzas for our class! They LOVED THEM!

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