Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow man in the Kitchen?

I thought we would go ahead and revisit the accessories that Kayelyn loves SO much :) These are her sunglasses..... Yes it's nighttime, inside the house, and yes she wore them MOST of the night :)

Daddy is home this weekend, so after dinner the girls watch the olympics with daddy and ate lollipops.

Nathan and I were playing with his new camera tonight and took a pic of ourselves :)

This is KK's Grin when you tell her to say cheese.

Here I am with the girls.... Check out the glasses.... Still wearing them :)

Nathan was up in the snow is Dallas this past week- they had 12 inches of snow!!! he took some pictures for us!

Nathan brought SNOW home for Briley in a cooler. She was SO excited. She thought it was so neat to have snow from Daddy's job....

Then we made a snowman in the kitchen!!!!

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