Friday, February 19, 2010

No time for a Sick MOMMY!

We have been SICK! At the beginning of the week, I started feeling pretty crappy and headed to the doctor.... They told me I had an inconclusive strep test, bronchitis, sinus infection and a double ear infection.... NOT FUN. That night my right eardrum ruptured....I made it through work most of the week, but I wasn't getting any better. On Thursday Briley spiked a fever after school so we headed to the urgent care.... They said she has bronchitis and pharyngitis and gave her an antibiotic..... I asked the doc to look in my ear again and when she did she said O-M-G!!! You're antibiotic is not working and gave me levaquin and steroid ear drops.... SO now Kayelyn is on an antibiotic, her ENT called one in today....both kids are better troopers than me.... I have been in tears most of the week, working and taking care of two kids while you're this sick SUCKS!!!! Hopefully we are all on the mend. I can only hope!The girls LOVE to sit together in the Big Chair and watch Barney and Dora and Max & Ruby and the Wonder Pets.... they sit there and talk and giggle. Its the cutest EVER! I am so glad I have two girls! SISTERS ARE AWESOME!

So I have truly found the best deal ever. On a jaunt to get juice and tylenol, I saw the CUTEST pillows and covers.... They sell them at Target. The Brand is ReSTYLE. The Pillow Inserts are $4.99 and the covers are $4.99. What a BARGAIN!! They have them in TONS of styles and colors!!! I couldn't resist these. RED & ORANGE AND RETRO all on a perfect plump pillow!?!? Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE pillows.


And THIS is the photo of the week. Anytime you tell Kayelyn NO for any reason at all, she does this fit throwing thing and pouts that bottom lip out!! I now like telling her NO for no reason just to get this face! It's priceless!!

If we all heal and get well, we are going to try to get Briley's Big girl bed put together this weekend.... This is a big job that consists of painting a wrought iron bed baby pink (Briley requested pink, I wanted white but she begged. You're only a kid once- HECK! Why not have a pink bed??) getting bedding, something solid and bright and fun, buying a queen size mattress and getting it all moved into her room and the old stuff moved out. I think we can handle it over the course of the next few days..... Stay tuned!

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