Monday, February 22, 2010


Briley got her "BIG BIG BIG BIG bed" (that's what she calls it) this weekend. We thought forever about what size to use.... We have LOTS of beds people have given us over time.... We have two twin bunks beds that were my dad's, and a gorgeous iron full size bed, AND this queen that used to be in our guest room.....

After much deliberation, we decided the queen, while very BIG for a 4 year old was the best choice because all of my family lives out of town and we always need more places for them to sleep..... So when they come a for a visit, they can stay in the pink paradise- aka BGB's Room :) Kayelyn will get the full bed eventually....

I found the bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond.... I just love it!

Sully really likes the bed too :)

Briley was all snuggled up, reading before bed

She is so proud of her big girl bed and her "NEW" room. She is keeping it clean and came down when she woke up today to announce that she made her bed. Sure enough, she made it and it looked ALMOST perfect. She asked me this weekend to show her how to make the bed like I make mine.... Apparently she paid attention. It's amazing what they can pick up on!!!

She is such a good, sweet girl :)

And don't forget about KK, here she is at bed time all cozy in her crib :) Yes thats a Soothie Newborn Binkie. Its from her Time in the NICU and she still loves it :)

Her Room is still the same peaceful place it's always been.... I just love her room :)