Friday, July 31, 2009


I don't usually use my blog as a place for political venting, but this has gone too far.
I am sorry if your are offended, but this IS my blog and I have a lot to say....

And so it was, the Beer Summit, on the thirtieth day of July, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine.......

This had to be one of the lamest events in American history.

It was reported : "In an "attempt" to calm racial tensions, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden threw back beers with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the man who arrested him, Police Sergeant James Crowley -- near the Oval Office."

CALM THEM? Yes, nothing says calm like getting drunk in a suit with a bunch of politicians....

IT looks more like an episode of PUNK'D, I keep expecting to see ashton kutcher jump in making fun of everyone....

The Beers of Choice:

Obama -- Bud Light

Biden -- Bucklers

Gates -- Sam Adams Light

Crowley -- Blue Moon

Silver bowls for the Pretzels/peanuts?? What are we going for here?? Did Martha Stewart do the decorating?? I'll remember this next time I have a party...

And the suits?? If your going to get together to rub elbows over beer and pretzels, casual is the name of the game. This was just another opportunity for a lame photo opp. IT's all about the photo opps with him. A celebrity game and making headlines....
My kids will be reading about this in the history books someday. It embarrasses me and infuriates me.

If you didn't think Obama was a clown yet, you should now....

Talk about Awkward weird and totally unprofessional. Way to LEAD and set an example.
{Ya see kids.... When you have a problem with someone dress up really nice and throw back some beers.... That will make it all better}

He should have kept his nose out of the issue in the first place, this was a local issue, he MADE it into a racial, national issue.... Amazingly enough during the election he avoided topics on race. Now he is discussing them publicly over a beer.

I shouldn't be surprised, he sticks his nose in everything.... OH! WAIT! YESSS!!! That's exactly what socialism is... government sticks its nose in everything.... The road we are headed down. It makes perfect sense now.

Perhaps Mr. Harvard Prof should have entered his home correctly in the first place. I have been locked out several times. I have never entered by force. Handle the problem like the calm rational professional that you are, and this never would have been an issue to start with :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daddy Update: What we have been Up to!?

Hi Daddy!
We have been trying to keep busy this week. We miss you and keeping busy makes the time go fast...
You asked Briley to Be a big girl and take care of us, she decided to fill your shoes.... Literally :)
KK is giving BIG smoochies and LOVES giving kisses. It is the cutest thing ever

We had a Dinner/playdate with The BarrowFam yesterday- I didn't take pictures but we had a blast!
Uncle T is busy working too!!! So Tonight Aunt Jen brought the cousins over and we played and ate a yummy dinner!

Baby Madi Says "HI Uncle NAYNAY"

Bugg and Bear Played outside in the pool...

And then played in the bubble bath....
And ate dinner like good girls...

We are trying to pass the time. Hanging out with family and friends makes it easier! We cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!!

Extreme Make Over ! The Great Wednesday Week 2 Weigh in....

Thank you Amber, for Hosting This every week.
I truly feel inspired and I am getting results.... Let's get right to it.... This is my second week to weigh in and I lost :
3.5 lbs this week!!!

TOTAL LOSS SO FAR: 5.5 lbs. YAY!!!

This week I didn't eat ANY red meat. I ate chicken and turkey all week. I ate salads and tons of fruit and sweet potatoes. I also chugged Green Tea & Water like it was going out of style and started taking the Acai Berry Supplement..... I feel energized and happy! I can feel the results.
Examples of my meals....

My exercise is simple. I have been loading the kids up in the jogging stroller and walking 2 miles. That is a major feat in itself! They are heaving! I am getting an upper bosy workout as well!!
I try to go every day, but sometimes that doesn't work! :)

I am trying to determine if I should get a gym membership....
I am enjoying my time with the girls walking it's just SO hot!!!!

This week's Question:


I feel accomplished and I know I will have ups and downs, but this week was a good week and I am hoping to keep it up! I love the inspiration I am getting from everyone and the support I have as well!! Thanks for the comments! Please Leave me MORE!! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

My Tiny Treasures


Kayelyn is SO close to walking. She can stand up unassisted and squat she takes one or two steps and she loses here balances and lands on her bottom!

Her little personality is starting to shine through, She laughs and laughs and giggles at everything.
She thinks Briley Hung the moon.

After her bath she gets SUPER hyper and wants to go go go. She has finally perfected the art of giving kisses. I had planned on putting a video up here but she puckers those little lips and makes an over exaggerated smooching sound. It is the cutest thing ever.


Poor Briley, she is not taking too kindly to her daddy going away to Louisiana. She gets really upset especially before bed and wants her daddy. I know it's an adjustment for her, She will be fine, I just hate to see her sad...

Briley LOVES PB&J. She is in this stage where she says she could eat it all the time and she does. Every meal. Apparently her daddy went through this stage as well.

Briley is already contemplating what she wants to be for Halloween. So far she has said she wants to be a donut, a butterfly, a ballerina, and a mermaid.

Briley is in Love with Aunt LALA's Boyfriend Cody.... When he is around, no one else exists and she shows off to get his attention :)

Warm Fuzzies...

Nathan left for "LEEZIZANA" (Per Briley) yesterday.... I miss him so much already and the reality of him being gone for 10 months has hit me. It's going to be a lonnnng time!!! My mother in law knew I was sad yesterday and gave me the best gift ever!!

She said I bought you your favorite thing to make you smile so you wouldn't have a sad day with Nathan leaving.... Awwww Thanks :)

It's RAINing!!???!

We had a rare occurance here. It Rained. Can you believe it? Our little area hadn't had a rain storm in months. 4 months actually and suddenly out of the blue here is comes! and it poured.... People were coming out of the houses and looking up like the aliens were coming to abduct them!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barnes "Family Reunion"

Last week, my WHOLE family came to visit us in TX..... We got to spend a good amount of time together and it's so cool because we rarely get time with My mom, dad, sister and myself in the same room.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
Aunt Bean Came with Uncle B and spent lots of time with the girls. They LOVE their Aunt and Uncle from CO and they are spoiled rotten by the time they leave.....

MeMaw and Grandpapa Also spoil these girls.... They Walked off the plane with a 2.5 lb bag of chocolate kisses for Briley. She thinks she has died and gone to heaven. I am in sugar rush hell ;) Thanks Mom and Dad :) j/k

On Sunday we drove to up to see my Grandpa Barnes. My grandpa is very very ill and I am so worried about him. He is fighting Alzheimer's, COPD, & Heart Disease. We went as a family to visit grandpa and let him see his great grandchildren and my dad again. I am very very fearful we will not have him around soon. He is declining quickly and is in the hospital as we speak.
PLEASE KEEP Grandpa and My dad and his sisters in your prayers. They are very worried about their dad.
Please pray to slow the disease in his body and pray that he will not be in pain.
Grandpa has always been a VERY smart man. The most troubling part of this is seeing his mental capacity slide so quickly. He is confused and disoriented and forgets the people that care about him the most.... All of my life Grandpa has been over powering, bossy, and downright mean at times.... I know this sounds harsh, but it was just his personality to be dominant..... But for every ounce of that there were equal parts of caring, witty sense of humor, and giving beyond comprehension. My sister and I grew up spending the summers at his lake house and if we wanted we got it. He made sure we were happy and entertained all the time.
To see a man so strong and smart and dominant decline to someone who cannot remember you and is having trouble taking one breath at a time was devastating for me. Sometimes life can be so cruel and things you take for granted vanish very quickly. I just want my grandpa to know I love him very much and I cherish the times I spent with him at his lakehouse growing up. If I could rewind and just go back to those days for one day I would feel better.
I made sure to capture him on film this past weekend. He was a good sport and went a long with it, bless his heart...

Grandpa has a cat he adopted years ago named Waddles, Ironically enough, the cat is one of the only things he can fully remember that he loves. Briley Just ADORED Waddles....

Please, if you can, Add grandpa into your prayers tonight. Please Pray he will be healed and if he can't be healed, please pray for his comfort and safety. Please pray that he will remember those that love him the most and let him feel joy and comfort in knowing that....

I am worried I am going to lose both of my grandfathers in one year. I am not ready to handle that.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Extreme Makeover ME Addition- Week TWO

OK it's that Time.... MY Week Two of EM:ME Hosted by {aeFilkins}. Here we are a group of women who decided it was time to get a grip and realize we are important.
I am TRYING! I really am!
This past week was VERY hard because I had TONS of company in town and all we do is EAT and EAT some more!!! I had a wedding, and a family BBQ, and a trip to Austin and lunch dates and dinner dates.... Oh geez it was scary. But Through it all, and yes I did eat a lot- I wasn't very careful (at least I am honest) :) BUT I still lost:

2 lbs. So there :)

It must have been the water- I drank a lot more.....I am on the hunt for the PERFECT water Bottle.... Leak proof, fun to drink out of etc.... Any Suggestions? I have a Metal on now and its ok I suppose.....

I am TRYING to work on my sleeping habits. I can't overcome this OCD thing about keeping my house spotless. Ever dish must be in the sink, every counter wiped, carpet vacuumed, toss pillows fluffed etc before I lay down for bed.... Combine that with my Internet Junkie habits of Facebook, Blogging and photo editing.... It's lethal.

I have good news & bad news.....

The Bad news is that hubby is going on an extended business trip and by extended I mean 43 weeks. He will be home intermittently but for the just of it he will be bye bye. This means no more second job!!! YAYAYAY!!!! The good news is, he told me I can get a gym membership so I can keep myself occupied. Back in the day, I used to out yoga everyone and I was the Spinning Class Queen. I plan to revisit those days here in the near future and I cannot wait!!!

I went Grocery shopping tonight and bought everything healthy!! Fiber bars, Yogurt, Salad stuff, Skinny COW ice cream. I am on a mission and I am excited!!

This week's topic is Weight Watchers.... I used to do weight watchers, but I found it expensive.

I am going to use EM:ME to hold me accountable, but I need more support! Last week I only got a handful of comments and over 100 hits, C'mon Y'all I need a CHEER SQUAD!!! LOL!!!

PS- I found a Scrumptious treat to Nosh on in the event of weakness...

They are Sara lee Cheesecake Bites! They are by no means low fat, but they are tiny and one or two completely satisfies the sweet tooth! You should Give it a Whirl!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

Every Week Lerin Hosts Tiny Treasures Tuesday and I Love it. It gives me a break and a reason to blog about my two favorite people. My babies. Usually I do blog about them, but I never just blog about them ONLY-- usually is involves some activity, not about their growth and the cute things they do....


Kayelyn is just an angel. This past week we have drug her from here to there and she never complained once. Her easy going attitude and ability to adjust makes her just a joy to be around. She LOVES her high chair. She will sit in it for hours, as long as she is in the midst of everything where she can see what is going on, she has a great time.

At times I wonder when she is going to start walking and talking. Briley was already doing that by now. Everything is happening about 2 months late with Kayelyn, because keep in mind she got a 2 month late start.... I am anxiously waiting. Dr Taylor said it's completely OK for this timeline because her start was different than everyone Else's. She has started to shake her head Yes, and No and refuses to let you feed her. If it's pickable-upable, forget it.

Kayelyn's Favorite Show is the Backyardigan's If that comes on, she squeals in joy and claps and bounces up and down. She loves the singing. Anytime she loves something she grins from ear to ear and claps. She is also getting a dimple in her cheek

Briley Grace

Briley is growing so quickly. At church everyone commented in the same day... I think Briley grew! I noticed as well. I think she grew during the night!

This past weekend Briley got a boat! A boat you say? Yes. A boat.... a very special boat. When my dad was a little boy he saved his money and bought a "Sport-Yak" a Small Plastic unsinkable boat with oars. He named it "Bay-Bay" after his Dog Babe... This weekend, my dad gave Briley his boat. He wants her to have it at the beach house. Its the perfect little boat to play in the shallow water... Anyway, she is thrilled and the thought of her boat has consumed her....

Briley also got a haircut this past weekend. Her first, mind you-- hair cut. Her hair is really long. We determined that she needed a trim after she was a flower girl- her hair was really damaged. My mom trimmed just about an inch off but it made me cry. I saved a Lock of her hair.....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Briley The Flower Girl

Briley made her big debut yesterday as a flower girl... This sweet baby was SO good. She sat all day in sponge rollers and even took a nap with them in..... She was the MOST BEAUTIFUL flower girl I have EVER seen. She was sweet and poised and walked down the aisle gracefully and threw her flowers and then stood up at the alter and smiled and stood still like a good girl.... I was so proud I was driven to tears!!

Check out Snapped With Love Photography for Additional Wedding Pictures.....