Saturday, December 6, 2008

Here's to 6 Years

Here's to 6 wonderful years with my hubby. December 7th, 2002 was the start of something wonderful and great. What a journey we have had together so far. Thick and thin, better or worse, richer and poorer.... Been there done all of those. I want to thank you Nathan, for always supporting me, loving me, standing up for me, believeing in me and holding me up when I started to fall. I could have NEVER made it through this past year without you. You're everything to me, you make me a better person and you're my best friend. I could never ask for anything more.

I am so happy you're in my life....

Happy 6 years!


  1. Happy Anniversary Brewers! I hope it's the best yet! Love you both!!!

  2. Congrats on such a great marriage and Happy Anniversary!

  3. I know I'm late, but happy anniversary! And I love the phrase you have painted on the wall!