Monday, December 15, 2008

Auntie Jen's Christmas Cookie Party!!!

Aunt Jen had a cookie party at her house this weekend and the girls had a great time!
She made them matching Christmas Aprons and then gave them a ton of cookies to decorate with white icing and sprinkles!! It was so fun watching them make a HUGE mess. They were not exactly shy with the sprinkles... They basically poured them all over the place in huge piles and the shook them really hard-- sprinkles flew everywhere.... Glad it was at Jen's house and not mine. That kind of thing doesn't get to her... Me, I would be waiting on deck with the Vacuum :)
The girls in their darling aprons!

Haylee going crazy with the green!

Briley went a little crazy with the pink...

Haylee went a bit overboard on the yellow....

Working to make perfect cookies!

Briley's Hands! What a mess!!!

She hated having dirty hands

Check Out Haylee Bug's Green Toofies. She was eating the sprinkles directly from the jar...

Briley's Cookie!

The Finished Masterpiece!


  1. Your page looks great by the way. I need to figure out how to do some of that fancy stuff.:)