Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day at the Brewers!

We spent Christmas Day at the Brewer's House. As always, it was really fun to see everyone and the food was wonderful! Here are some pics from the day's events....
Looking in their stockings again!

Awwww sisters ....

They look so cute all dressed up!


I REALLLLLY hate being dressed up!

Presents and Grandmama's house!

Jennifer and Olive

Aunt Diane and the Bug

Grandmama & T

This is Grandmama trying to pressure everyone into eating a nasty fruitcake with her.- She only got one taker :)

Grandmama's Martha Stewart Creation.... Cranberry-Mint Water

Lala and Kathy

Miss Emma

The Kiddos

Olive opening her gifts!! This made Nathan and I both get tears in our eyes... Seeing her open gifts, we realized again how very lucky we are to have her in our lives!!!

Grandmama LOVED her purple Oakleys!

Christmas Present Chaos

Briley coming out to see her Christmas Present!


Big girl cruisin in her jeep

Haylee's Turn to Drive!

When we got home, Briley played with her "watch me dance" camera all night.... she can watch herself on TV


  1. First, love the stocking photos... Kayelyn looks so cute stuffed into hers! LOL And what anawesome idea for a gift... letting Briley watch herself on TV. My babies are fascinated enough by watching themselves in the mirror... what a treat. I hadn't heard of that one.

  2. Looks like y'all had a great Christmas all around. The girls are just precious.