Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soccer 101

So last year as you all know, we tried out Ballet..... That was OK I guess. Briley did as well as expected but she really was totally bored. She does NOT like to sit still. She is very competitive. So I enrolled her in soccer lessons to prep her for a team in the fall....

Here she is with her classmates and Coach Alex.... They are getting ready to scrimmage.

Briley told me "Mama, I'm gonna beat those boys!!!!"

She got to be the goalie with Nora for awhile....

and then she got to beat those boys.... :)

That's my girl. Give him an elbow to the face.....She's tough!!! I pity those boys.

Go briley go!!!

This is when she made her first goal right before the scrimmage....

Dribbling through cones....


This is the first time I have seen a true look of satisfaction and accomplishment on her little face. She kicked that ball in, gave Coach Alex a high five and picked up the ball to start over and smile real big to herself and said "YESSS!"

Coach Alex is giving them a little lesson....

Everyday she has been asking when we are going back to soccer. She can't wait. She wants a soccer ball. I promised her we would go buy one this weekend!

I think we may be onto something!!!! Stay tuned for more :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the way Home... The Conclusion of our Road Trip

We left To come back home on Saturday and ALL of us were not happy. We missed our house and our family and friends in Texas but oh my goodness..... we did not welcome the heat and humidity after being in gorgeous weather for a week!!! We decided to take a different route home through Kansas and Oklahoma.... it was a nice change of scenery...

We stopped in Dodge City, Kansas so Nathan, the history buff could take a gander at everything there.... It was interesting!

We decided to let Briley spend some time in Jail.....

and visted the Dodge City Cemetary.........

Briley kept walking over the graves. I told her to stop, it was disrespectful.... She said "Why does it matter?? They're dead mommy... They can't talk back"

No Joke.

Then is was off to Oklahoma.... I have never been there so it was neat to see it!

We stop\p in Oklahoma City to spend the night with friends and we were all so tired we forgot to take pictures!!! :( you KNOW I was tired if I forgot to take pictures!

So you're driving through Oklahoma and right before you hit Texas you run into these cliffs and small mountains.... Apparently its a volcanic eruption from 2 million years ag0-- who knew??

We took a detour to Melissa, TX.... I have my own city. I am the coolest Eva.

And after that we drove home..... That's all she wrote. Our vacation was amazing and memorable....I want to go again.

We are already planning our next road trip.... The Ozarks in Arkansas!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Road Trip Day 8 - Lake Dillon

Day 8 was awesome. It was Becky's birthday. We went to Frisco to Lake Dillon. My mom and dad have a sailboat up there.... We went sailing and took the girls. It was gorgeous. They had a blast. While we were up there I took Becky & Brandons FAMILY PHOTOS...... Click Here if you want to check them out! :)

Briley, hanging out at the Tiki Bar.

The girls loved the beds on the boat. They laid there and ate candy for a long time...

is this not AMAZING!?!?!

Poor Hudson. His Boat Coat was a bit too big for him.... He was such a good boy- he seems to enjoy sailing!

It just wouldn't be perfect without a KK meltdown. Uncle B was the one that got to wrangle this particular one :)

Driving the boat with Grandpapa!

Briley is very concerned about Hudson. She had to check on him to make sure Becky and Brandon were doing a good job parenting him. I am sure they are lost without her there now.

What better than Sailing and Milk??

The Crew :)