Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day- A lil' bit late

We had a really fun Memorial day. My friend Lara invited us to their place to swim and BBQ. It was SO SO fun. It was nice to just float in the pool and eat ribs and BBQ and ice cream. We haven't had a day like that in a longggg time. I hope there are a lot more to come!

Well. This is typical.

At first KK hated the pool. Everything about it. She was miserable. So I just do what I always do and basically force her to cope in hopes she will learn to adapt.

So I let her take a break and she sat in the tiki hut looking violated and scarred.

That is until she saw Miley in the water.... Miley LOVES to swim and float on floaties. She will nap in the pool on a floatie.

KK decided this was pretty cool and she wanted to give it another try. So in she went, into the boat with Miley. This was a hit and after that swimming was cool.

Its a Miracle.

Briley liked the boat too.... she floated around all afternoon...

But what she liked even more was swimming by herself. She had a floaty vest on, but Nathan and I have been giving her mini lessons and she is catching on...

Now you see her.....

Now you don't! She jumped in by herself!

AND then swam to the middle of the pool alone....

KK watched from the sidelines, soakin in the rays...

Briley wanted to walk on water like Jesus. Here is her rendition :)

What a perfect day!!!

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  1. Melissa, as always, the pictures are great. The girls are beautiful and so funny. Every day is a story, isn't it? Loved the video too. Have a safe and wonderful trip and a great visit.