Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Road Trip Day 8 - Lake Dillon

Day 8 was awesome. It was Becky's birthday. We went to Frisco to Lake Dillon. My mom and dad have a sailboat up there.... We went sailing and took the girls. It was gorgeous. They had a blast. While we were up there I took Becky & Brandons FAMILY PHOTOS...... Click Here if you want to check them out! :)

Briley, hanging out at the Tiki Bar.

The girls loved the beds on the boat. They laid there and ate candy for a long time...

is this not AMAZING!?!?!

Poor Hudson. His Boat Coat was a bit too big for him.... He was such a good boy- he seems to enjoy sailing!

It just wouldn't be perfect without a KK meltdown. Uncle B was the one that got to wrangle this particular one :)

Driving the boat with Grandpapa!

Briley is very concerned about Hudson. She had to check on him to make sure Becky and Brandon were doing a good job parenting him. I am sure they are lost without her there now.

What better than Sailing and Milk??

The Crew :)

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