Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip Day 7 - Echo lake and Mt Evans

Paradise is Echo lake in the summer time up by Mt Evans Colorado. I truly believe when you look up into the sun here you can see and touch the face of God. If you have heard the saying before, that Colorado is God's Country, it's true.

We drove up, up, up up and up some more until we reached Echo Lake and Mt Evans. Mt Evans has the highest paved road in the USA reached a lofty 14,000 ft. As you can imagine. The air is pretty thin up there, but is clean and smells sweet like pine and fresh clean water. The sky is a blue you have NEVER seen and the sun is so bright it nearly blinds you.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would build a house up here and never leave..... I can't even begin to describe how gorgeous it is. We we took the girls hiking up here and they LOVED it. They walked around and collected rocks and climbed all over the place.
They got to seen snow on the mountains in June, as you will see below. Briley thought that was a miracle......

Its my version of a FORD commercial. Here is our Texas Truck sitting at about 11,000 feet!

I miss it already. I want to go back. My mom and dad go snow shoeing here in the winter. Next Christmas we are going to take an entire day and do that- I can't wait.

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  1. SOOOOOOOO gorgeous! And the bear sign is sooooo scary. ;)