Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soccer 101

So last year as you all know, we tried out Ballet..... That was OK I guess. Briley did as well as expected but she really was totally bored. She does NOT like to sit still. She is very competitive. So I enrolled her in soccer lessons to prep her for a team in the fall....

Here she is with her classmates and Coach Alex.... They are getting ready to scrimmage.

Briley told me "Mama, I'm gonna beat those boys!!!!"

She got to be the goalie with Nora for awhile....

and then she got to beat those boys.... :)

That's my girl. Give him an elbow to the face.....She's tough!!! I pity those boys.

Go briley go!!!

This is when she made her first goal right before the scrimmage....

Dribbling through cones....


This is the first time I have seen a true look of satisfaction and accomplishment on her little face. She kicked that ball in, gave Coach Alex a high five and picked up the ball to start over and smile real big to herself and said "YESSS!"

Coach Alex is giving them a little lesson....

Everyday she has been asking when we are going back to soccer. She can't wait. She wants a soccer ball. I promised her we would go buy one this weekend!

I think we may be onto something!!!! Stay tuned for more :)

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  1. Could she BE any cuter?!? No, I don't think it would be possible. :)