Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday KK!

Dear Sweet Kayelyn Olivia,

Today, you are 2. I cannot believe how the time has passed. You are growing into such a beautiful young girl. Everyday you look less like a baby and more like a young lady. It thrills me to watch you thrive and learn and it breaks my heart knowing my baby is no longer a baby.
  • You are such a sweet girl.
  • You think your sister "Bri-B" hung the moon.
  • You are starting to develop quite the temper. If you are mad- everyone within a 10 mile radius knows it. :)
  • you still LOVE your Blankie and your "Binkie-Binkie"
  • You love all baby dolls. You feed them and push them in the stroller and burp them.
  • You can count from 1-12 and you do it ALLLL day long!
  • You love to sing "Is raining, Is Po'ing dee ol man is snowing" and the ABC's.
  • Every drink is a "milk" and you LOVE anything with noodles in it.
  • If someone says, "Who wants to______________________? (Fill in the blank)" and it's something you want to do you yell "IDO!!! IDO!!!"
  • You are super shy around new people and you clam up in public places.
  • You carry a magic wand everywhere and call it your "Boppity Boo" :)
  • You LOVE Sponge Bob and The Wonder Pets
  • You hate the baby pool and love the BIG pool
  • You are a lover of allll animals and have no fear of any dog any size. You immediately want to give it a "Ugg"
  • You are a lazy bones and you LOVE your nap and you would sleep till 10:00am everyday if I let you.
  • If I forget to put a hair bow in your hair you make sure I know about it. You love your accessories :)
  • You adore your cousins
  • You love to run and play and jump on the furniture when I am not looking.
Everyday with you is a gift. I still cannot believe you are in our lives and how blessed we were that God granted us the miracle of your life.

Every time we pass Memorial Hermann and see LifeFlight Briley tells you "There's your Helicopter KK!!!" Now your eyes get real big and you say, "My Copter!"

I hope you know everyday how much we love you. You are a gift from God. I know you are tad bit spoiled but I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Birthday Angel Girl!

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