Monday, June 14, 2010

Road Trip Day 3

Day 3 was a driving all day kinda day. We left Midland, TX at 6:30 am and arrived at my grandma's house at 6:30 pm. We made two bathroom stops and one lunch stop.... we also stopped a few times to stretch and look at the scenery!

My traveling angels! They LOVE it. Never complained on Day 3 and we drove for 11 hours. They just played and slept and colored and watched movies!!!!

So my parents did this when we were little on a road trip so its my turn :)

OK.... so this fascinated me. This is a WIND FARM in New Mexico. HUGE, and I mean HUGEEE Windmills for as far as your can see across this vast flat plain. They are just spinning around and around.... Its amazing and gorgeous! They are silent and each blade is as long as an 18-wheeler. We stopped to take pictures. I was enthralled....

Random but funny..... As we entered this tiny town in New Mexico I asked Nathan if he thought there was a place to EAT. He saw this sign and said-- "well, I guess we could try that"

Too bad- it was closed.

the first 1000 miles of this road trip! :)

As soon as we got into town we went to eat at our family's favorite mexican food place...

Briley HAD to hold Hudson! She was so excited!

KK was very interested in his feet! :)

Briley is sweetest "little mommy" she ADORES this little boy!

Nathan told Hudson they have the same hair cut! :)

Holding Hudson for the first time, you can see he just loves his Aunt Issy. Look at that smile!

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