Sunday, May 17, 2009

TAMU Graduation 2009!!!

This weekend Lauren Graduated from A&M!! WHOOP! Congrats Lauren!
We all went up to celebrate with her and watch her walk!

Briley LOVES A&M. She worn Lauren's hat and told me she would "gradgatate" someday too!

After the Gradution we went Sodolaks. A famous steak house that serves monster size steaks and yummy fried pickles!

Nathan with a big huge steak....
Check out Jennifer's and she ordered the small one!
Travis ended up with the biggest steak of all.....
in the end, no one finished theirs.... We were stuffed when we left!!


  1. Someday, you're going to have the cutest side-by-side photos framed ever... Baby Briley with Lauren's cap, and 22 year old Briley with her degree and her own cap. :)