Monday, March 2, 2009

Baytown Fire and Lunch with NanNan...

This weekend, after my photo shoot with Rhonda and Ralph
We headed to Baytown to surprise NanNan. We stopped and had lunch with her and on the way back saw huge plumes of smoke. We followed the smoke and saw it was a forest fire. Nathan and I decided we would try to get as close as possible to get some photos for me to freelance to the paper... after trudging through the brush I got these pictures.... I also got tangled in thorn bush and tore my legs to shreds.... But hey- you do what you gotta do to get great pictures right??


  1. Ouch looks like that hurt! Jennifer said you wanted to take pictures of the girls? We will be there form the 15th-20th of march! Looking forward to it...I wanted to get pictures done anyways for their 2 month/easter!

  2. Ow! Those cuts on your legs look really painful! :O