Friday, February 27, 2009

A Whole Lotta Updatin Goin On....

I am sorry I have been out of pocket for a few days. It has been an VERY hectic week and I started having trouble catching up!
FIRST ... Thank you ALL for your prayers and well-wishes for my Cousin Betsy... She is doing much better. I got this update today from my Aunt....
"Betsy is doing much better. She developed pneumonia from aspirating some food during one of her major seizures. But the medicine is controlling her seizures at this point. She is alert, but tired from the ordeal.
The Doctor said these may be tied to her respiratory infection of last week or may be the beginning of epilepsy.
We will remain on the medicine, if there are no side effects, for a year.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. We will be forever grateful for your help."
SECOND- The back of the toilet in our powder room is now the dolly emergency room, for anyone that may have a doll that needs medical help. What you get when you stay: A nice cold Toilet Tank lid fluffed with Angel Soft toilet tissue pillows and blankets and Briley's very loving care around the clock. Please arrive early, a new doll seems to have a medical emergency everyday and this place fills up fast...

In other big news, Kayelyn has started using a Sippee cup. I started with Water and juice and am slowly weaning the bottle. She loves her sippee cups! It's going great!!
Game night at our house is a very competitive game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Just in case you think you can win, you're wrong. Briley says she wins every game even if you have more marbles than her, that's just the way it is.

Kayelyn Also had her first Biter Biscuit this week. She loved it.... Good thing we ate it before bath time.... She was literally covered in biter biscuit paste.

Some other real big, fun news..... Mommy found a Step 2 Playhouse on Craigs list this week from a lady up in Tomball that had bought it for her grand kids 6 months ago. The kids moved away and don't visit much anymore so she was basically giving this thing away and I happened to post a want ad the day she wanted to sell it. We had been debating on a swing set, but its just still to big for Briley and I was fearful she would really hurt herself. This is good for up to 8 years old.... They even brought it and set it up in my backyard for me. Since then.... briley has spent 95% of her time at home in the "clubhouse" eating PBJ, playing with her toys and yes, even taking a nap on the bridge with a pillow she confiscated from the house.... oh to be be a kid again....

And lastly and most importantly, Kayelyn had her tubes put in her ears today and that was a fun experience lemme tell you. Now, in comparison to what we have been through with her in the past, this was nothin, but I felt so bad for this precious angel. She hated waking up from anesthesia and it made her cry for a couple of hours. When she emerged in the afternoon after some Ibuprofen and a nap she was like a new kid. Hopefully this will ward off any future ear issues and we will be able to stop worrying.

Here is some footage of the TUBE experience....


After the Tubes

Kayelyn cried completely out of control. The doc said it wasn't pain, but the feeling of disorientation from the anesthesia.

I am happy to report that she has been sleeping great since 9 pm tonight and hasn't cried all afternoon. I am glad we decided on the tubes. I know in the long run she will feel much better.

Well that is all I have for now.... I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Good updates. You're girls are growing beautifully... as always. I'm glad Betsy is doing better. Miss you guys! Take care.:)

  2. That one video before the surgery was so funny! She is so cute...I hope she is feeling better!!