Friday, March 13, 2009

So typical with my luck....

You know, just when you think you get in a good place--at least in our case, something happens to screw it all up.

About 3 weeks ago I slipped and twisted my knee in the kitchen. Keep in mind, this is the same knee I injured when I figured skated competitively for years on end, Injured in college while working on a bulletin board with Alice, and fell on at church while I was pregnant with Kayelyn. So this knee is a bit weak anyway. Well I fell, heard a HUGE pop and it KILLED for about an hour and slowly let up and felt a bit better. Shortly there after it began the loudest most obnoxious popping noise you have ever heard and has been popping ever since. I had an MRI on Wednesday this week and today I found I out I have torn my ACL and MCL. Obviously- not good. The doctor referred me to an orthopedic guy, and recommended surgery.


#1- Who has time for surgery when raising two kids, running two businesses and working a very demanding job while her husband works two nearly full time jobs....???

#2- Who really wants to run up another medical bill when we are JUST starting to get back on our feet. We are STILL dealing with Bills from Kayelyn and I's issues.... we had paid thousands and thousands. Seriously.... what's next??

Please just take a moment and pray for my poor knee. We cannot handle me missing work, having a huge amount of time off my feet, OR ANY OTHER BILLS FROM A DOCTOR OR HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pray that there is possibly a less aggressive approach to this--- maybe a brace and PT? Medication? Does anyone out there have any experience with this injury or any advice??


  1. Thats awesome your pictures got published..they were really good! Did you want to get pictures of the girls...I want to get pictures of them anyways for their 3 month/easter..let me know if you can...we are here til friday

  2. Missy... AHHH! I'm so sorry. I had forgotten all about that incedent. I wish I knew more about medical stuff, but we'll definitely say extra prayers for you.