Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo!

A very Kind Soul gave us tickets to the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo this year. We got to go as a couple and enjoy some time together shopping and looking at the animals... the Rodeo is always SO fun to watch and the Concert-- well that was Pat Green and he rocks....

Love Cowboys... Just love em...

Rodeo Food!! Tamale Pie!

I fell in love with this little one.... SO SWEET!

What would a rodeo be without lined up cow-butts?

Pat Green's Son Kellis


What is a Rodeo without roasted corn??

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  1. I havn't commented in a while so to recap, i am praying for your knee how is it? you inspired me to get a haircut! green applejuice SO CUTE! I love the cow butts picture!your vegtable garden is totally AWESOME and your husband is so sweet!!! your black dog is my favorite does he shed? i want to take pictures of your girls!