Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I finally bought a small, cheap desk from overstock.com, to put in our room so I would have a place to work. Up until now I have been doing everything at the kitchen table which sucks because then- where do we eat??? We have been squished to one side of the table trying to to spill on my computer etc.... So the desk came today and I spent 3 hours saying evil things under my breath as I put it together. I have to give myself props for doing a good job. I had to break out the tools and I managed! :) So yes its a a small desk, but it serves it purpose, I don't need much room to work. All of my photography is digital and my Couture Bowtique stuff is in the guest bedroom where no one can see my ribbony mess.... So after I set the desk up and cleared off the table, I started deep cleaning everything and de-cluttering my house. Most of the pictures are for my mom, because I know she will never believe that I managed to declutter taht quickly...
I have been on a rampage. Everyone saw the garage.... Now behold....

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  1. I'm impressed. Running a business (or 2 in your case) from home really makes things get crazy quickly. We need you to come rescue the Guajardo house.;)
    BTW... I love the desk. It's really cute.