Monday, February 16, 2009

When a Toddler is Quiet- The Sequel

Last week Jen Blogged about what to expect when a toddler is quiet. Tonight, Briley begged to Watch TV and eat dinner at the same time. This is something I rarely allow, but tonight I gave in and let her watch her movie and eat at the same time.... She was quiet for about 5 minutes-- which for Briley is a long time, but I just thought she was behaving. Whoops. Instead she snuck into the pantry, took out a huge bag or Jelly Belly's and added them to her dinner plate..... Apparently, she thought this was ok, and I wouldn't notice.....
We got invited to a play date with Corbin and Claire but Briley declined because she told me she didn't feel good. Now I bet her tummy is really hurting...

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  1. Wow... that definitely qualifies as jelly bean overload