Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Last night was quite possibly one of the longest nights I have ever experienced. Instead of going to bed Kayelyn started screaming and did not stop..... she screamed and cried and threw up and cried more and more. I was about ready to head for thr ER when she finally started to calm down. We went to the doc today and they told us that her chronic ear infection that she has been fighting for over a month came back and her ear drum ruptured. Poor baby girl. Apparently thats very painful and then after the rupture it feels better.... She got two antibiotic shots at the doc and a referral to an ENT for Tubes... I feel so bad for her. Seems like the poor girl can't catch a break with her health.... Please pray that she gets better soon. She is just miserable....

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  1. Poor baby!! I had ear infections all the time as a kid and I remember how much fun they are NOT!! I hope she is feeling better!