Friday, August 15, 2008

ShamWOW's are the BEST!!!

So I see that Melissa is doubting my B.S. Meter and saying that I got scammed. Well, we will see if she posts the new test pictures of the ShamWOW in action. I was able to soak up an entire cup of water just a few minutes ago. She has still yet to say "WOW", but I know she is thinking it.

Latest update on the Sham WOW! Missy just cut her foot on the baby bed. She asked me for a towel to get the blood. Guess what! The damp ShamWOW seemed to do the job. So every minute I am prooving that my Bullcrapometer is still working perfectly. She will come around! And when she does, I will be there to hug her, and tell her...


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