Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a Wiggly Party!!!

The Wiggles came to Houston again this year and of course we were there in floor seats in the front again! This time we took Briley's friends Corbin and Jack!! We had a blast! Briley got to go up to the stage to give her flowers to Dorothy and to meet Murray & Jeff and show him her purple shirt! We all dressed as Wiggles and had a great time!!!
Getting Ready to go!

The Barrows are ready to GO!

The Boys Dressed as Anthony(Blue) and Sam(Yellow) Wiggle

Jack (Murray Wiggle), Corbin (Anthony Wiggle), & Briley (Jeff Wiggle)
The Wiggly Gang

Murray Wiggle

Anthony Wiggle
Briley Waiting at the Stage to Give her rose to Dorothy!
The Wiggle Dancers Collecting Roses from the Kids

Dorothy The Dinosaur

Murray coming off stage to greet everyone

Captain FeatherSword Greeting the Crowd

A Wiggly Pyramid

Anthony coming off stage to greet the crowd

Play your guitar with Murray!

Toot! Toot! Chugga Chugga Big Red Car!

Briley was SO EXCITED!!!

Being Silly with Wiggles Stickers!

Briley & Nathan Getting to Meet Murray Wiggle
Murray's Guitars!
Briley Meeting Jeff and Showing him her Purple Shirt!
Chris, Corbin & Sara after the Wiggle Concert!
Briley After shopping at the Wiggly Souvenir Shop

The Wiggles Singing Briley's Favorite Song!

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  1. That was really cute. Isabella loved the video. She said, "I want to go in there with Briley!"