Saturday, August 23, 2008

FUN at the POOL

Today was a fun day. We met Aunt Jen and Haylee Bug at the pool for Kayelyn's first swimming experience. Nathan's coworkers at the LCS California office bought Kayelyn the most adorable swimsuit, so she had to try it out before she outgrew it! It was a gorgeous day and we were the only ones at the pool!! It was so nice!! Kayelyn liked swimming for about 10 minutes. Then she was ready to go home!!
Here are some pictures from our swimming adventure!

Getting ready to go!


Daddy's Girls

I don't want to go!!!

Ohhhhh.. maybe this isn't so bad....

Relaxin with mommy

My Handsome Hubby

BrileyBear & Haylee Bug

Aunt Jen and a Very Unhappy Olive

Wow..... I am So tired Momma!

Now I am SO MAD MOMMA!!!!!!!!!

And now..... she is exhausted. Swimming wears a baby out!

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