Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seeing double??

My mom has this photo of herself hanging in our bedroom at her house... This picture is of her when she was about the same age as Briley.
Is it SCARY how much they favor each other!!!

This is me when I was a Kid in Dance... Minus the terrible Hair-Do,
I can see Briley in Myself as well....

Friday, March 27, 2009

God's Country

Just thought I would give you all a peak at "God's Country" These photos were taken from the backseat of my dad's truck as we drove out of my parent's neighborhood today! Isn't it gorgeous!

Goodbye Snow! Hello Blue!

The snow finally stopped falling and the sky is gorgeous against the solid white backdrop of snow!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun In the Snow

Today when Grandpapa got home from work, he took the girls out to play in the sled and in the snow.... Briley of course had a blast. Kayelyn pretty much hated it. she was SO bundled up she couldn't stay sitting up and kept laying in the snow. She was MAD! Then she laid on the sled with Briley and slid down the hill..... she wasn't too crazy about that either.
Briley made Snow Angels and thought that was great!! Overall they had fun and are now EXHAUSTED and ready for bed!


What does one do while snowed in?? Take pictures of the Deer of course! While we were eating lunch today, a HUGE herd of Mule Deer came marching across my mom and dad's driveway... They are so pretty!

Here is my dad's feeble attempt to beat the snow!! So far he is not winning the battle!


We arrived yesterday afternoon in Colorado after an uneventful flight! The girls did great on the plane and traveling with Two kids alone is not near as bad as I thought it would be!
When we got here it was a gorgeous day! The news started forecasting a winter storm and eventually said it was going to be the worst one Colorado has seen in a long time...
Well its here and we are supposed to get 18-22 inches of snow by tomorrow!
Briley can hardly wait for Grandpapa to get home so she can go out and make a snow angel and go sledding!

Pictures from yesterday before the Storm hit!

Last night when the storm started to roll in!

This morning this is what we saw out the window!

Today has become an indoor play day and everyone is having fun so far watching Movies and Playing!