Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please Pray

I ran across a blog today, I don't even know this person. Her name is Kelly. Her husband is Scott and they recently had a baby girl named Harper. Harper was born Full term- 9 lbs... Like Kayelyn and has the same issues Kayelyn had when she was born. She was life-flighted to Tulsa and was supposed to go on ECMO. Just like Kayelyn, she has started to improve and will not be placed on ECMO at this time. She is very critically ill.... Do you know how rare this is??

Please lift Harper and her family up in prayer, as I know the exact feelings Kelly is feeling and how hard this for them.
The past couple days have been rough... yesterday I saw a Preemie being lifeflighted out at work and had a chance to chat with her mom..... Her name is Carol. Please pray.... She is down at Texas Childrens....
This and Harper's Story has reopened some freshly healed wounds. I still get so emotional everytime I see a sick baby or hear of it. I wonder how long it will be until I am healed enough to not cry every time this happens.....

Please follow Kelly's Blog:

And PRAY PRAY PRAY for this little baby and her family...

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